Code of Ethics

Each member shall be governed by the Code of Ethics and shall adhere to its articles at all times, both on and off duty. The rigid observance of the Code will bring prestige and honour to the organization and help to build the profession into one that will stand high in the opinion of the general public.

Article I

Being a Member shall be synonymous with the finest aspects of the sport of Nordic skiing; namely to show integrity, honour and respect at all times to those who have placed their trust in you and your teaching ability.

Article II

The public has the right to expect the best, most up-to-date and uniform instruction available, therefore it is the duty of each Member to learn any new techniques, alterations or modifications in order to pass them on to those who take instruction. To remain outdated in technique is unfair to fellow members and the public.

Article III

A Member should have a sense of responsibility to the sport as a whole and, in particular, to the ski school to which he is attached; either as an employee or an employer. Professional integrity, whether it be toward a fellow instructor or client, is beneficial for all concerned.

Article IV

No Member shall sponsor or promote any equipment which he has not personally tested and proved to be of high quality. Supporting commercial enterprises for monetary gain only rather than from a sense of conviction as well, shall misrepresent the equipment to the public and thereby jeopardize the integrity of the organization as a whole.

Article V

Members must meet professional financial obligations promptly and conduct all their business dealings in a manner befitting the standards of the organization.

Article VI

Members are often in the public eye and therefore it is essential to present a picture of true sportsmanship and good behavior. In a ski area, privileges are often accorded, and, under no circumstances, should these be taken as a right, nor should they be abused so as to cause embarrassment to any instructor, director or area operator.

Article VII

As Nordic skiing is a sport enjoyed by many in their formative years Members have a responsibility to the youth of this country by setting an example for them to follow.

Article VIII

It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to see that Members adhere to the Articles of the Code and take the necessary disciplinary action should any breach occur.