Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors

President's Message

Denys Lawrence

Hello CANSI,

The snow here in the Okanagan region of BC has been lovely, and the skiing keeps getting better. I am sending snow to all of you as a Christmas present. Let’s hope it gets to you in time.

Thank you for your ongoing patience with our new website. Our team continues to work hard to iron out issues that seem to plague the simplest of tasks. We are currently dealing with issues concerning our translation from English to French. I would particularly like to thank our French-speaking members for their patience as we seek to correctly present items in French. Please continue to contact Marie at [email protected] with any issues you may have.

With regard to the National Seminar, I regret to tell you that the combined National Board and Technical Committee have decided to forgo hosting a Seminar this year. The energy we have used to create our new website has left little extra for the planning of this annual event. I can tell you, however, that preparations are underway for us to meet at Mont Orford, QC, in February 2021, and to return to SilverStar, BC, in 2022. By planning this far in advance, we hope to avoid missing another National Seminar.

As for CANSI’s annual general meeting, stay tuned for details regarding hosting this event by video conference sometime in February 2020. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding. We are working hard to make CANSI all it can be.

Here’s wishing all of you fantastic snow conditions, happy ski outings and much joy during this holiday season!


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  • Use pressure to improve your telemark skiing.
  • Ski faster and with less effort with these tips.
  • Are your students afraid of downhills? Help them relax and learn. 
  • This technical reference will help you master both skate and classic.


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Want to become a CANSI instructor?

CANSI is the national association for the training and certification of cross country and telemark ski instructors in Canada.

Anyone 15 years of age or older can attend a Level I course in either cross country or telemark discipline. Level I courses are offered across Canada.

Upon successful completion of a Level I course you become a member of CANSI and this gives you access to higher level certification course, refresher briefings, skill development programs and all technical information designed to help you grow and develop your skiing and teaching skills.

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Certification Courses
Levels II - III - IV

Certification Courses
Levels II - III

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Downhill Techniques to Scared Stiff Skiers

Giving fearful skiers confidence on the downhills and the tools to self-assess are the best gifts we can give them as instructors.

Cross Country Techniques

Proper Technique Leads to More Efficient Skiing

Everyone wants to ski faster and farther with the same amount of effort. Efficient skiing comes from improved stance and balance, core strength, overall strength and flexibility.

Telemark Techniques

Pressure in Telemark Skiing

Learning to effectively control and release pressure under the ski will help improve telemark skills from intermediate-level to advanced and expert.

See the  the growing library of CANSI articles and videos.


National and Regional AGM, Meetings, Socials, Member Gathers
Events will be posted as they become available


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