Denys Lawrence

Denys Lawrence

National President
Pacific Region

If winter came in like a bear, that bear soon turned into a polar bear across the country! And then the Pineapple Express came through and the polar bear became a wet bear in the woods. What crazy weather patterns we are seeing! I long for a regular winter – one where January is the coldest month, followed by a mixed February and a sunny, gradually warming March. Sigh. Those were the days, my friends. We thought they'd never end, as the song goes . . .

I trust you all had a good Christmas and a great start to the new year, and have been enjoying the weather in some way (ideally in a way that includes skiing). I have been teaching in the Kootenays, here in B.C., running a cross country Level I course at the Nelson Nordic Club. I am happy to welcome three new instructors to CANSI, and I look forward to welcoming two more in the coming months, once they complete their retests. I am always impressed at the energy created by those learning new skills in a sport they obviously love. That energy invigorates me and makes me proud of what CANSI certification can bring to folks.

I need to ask a favour. CANSI is in need of some help in the social media realm. Our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds are sorely lacking content and regular postings. We could also use help with uploading current documents and managing content on a consistent basis on our website. Over the years that I’ve been president, several members have stepped up and given their best on a volunteer basis. I thank these people for their efforts and understand that over time, their efforts petered out as life took them in different directions. It is not easy to volunteer one's time month after month, year after year.

I would appreciate any input from you on how we can find a person or group to help CANSI with our social media platforms. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your suggestions.

When the snow returns to B.C., I will continue to do my best to blow it across the country. I hope that happens soon.

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